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Escondido Brake Repair

Escondido Brake Repair

Are you looking for affordable and reliable Escondido brake repair. Bring your vehicle in to Pro Auto Care Center and discover why locals consider their shop the most trusted auto repair place in the region. If you’re unaware of the importance of routine brake maintenance and repair, consider the following information:

Considering the safety of your passengers and yourself, the braking system can be considered the single-most important safety feature of your entire vehicle. Of course, we all acknowledge this to some degree, the problem is that it’s easy to just let your vehicle’s brakes slip your mind. Don’t be neglectful of something as affordable as brake repair. If you notice any of the following issues with your braking system, bring your vehicle in to the Escondido brake repair shop immediately:

– Pulling to the left or right when applying the brakes
– A brake pedal that is soft, low in its position or non-responsive
– A steering wheel that exhibits shuddering or vibration when braking
– Noises when braking, such as squealing, screeching or a high-pitched whining
– Your brake light comes on (a good indication)
– A longer than usual braking time
– Loss of traction on the road when applying your brakes

The first thing you’re likely to notice, should your brakes require repair or maintenance, is that your brakes will become loud. If you’re the person who typically drives your vehicle, you’ll be able to tell pretty quickly that something is not quite right as you’ll start to hear noises that were not present a day or two before- and you’ll notice them typically at the time when you apply your brakes.

If you happen to hear braking noises, keep the music turned off in your vehicle during your next trip and make note of what you are hearing during times when you brake. Take note, as well, of how the vehicle is responding while braking. Are you noticing a rougher slow-down, your steering wheel more alive in your hands or a pulling in one direction or the other? If so, make a call to Pro Auto Care Center at 760-739-8400 to schedule service.

Ignoring your braking system can be one of the most dangerous actions you can take. If you can’t afford to have your brakes worked on and you’re aware of some issues you’re having with your braking system, you can have your brakes repaired or maintained with Pro Auto’s Synchrony Financial Card and pay 0% interest for 6 months while you pay off your repair bill. This is just one more way Pro Auto Care Center shows their loyalty to their customers.

Call the most trusted Escondido brake repair shop in the city at 760-739-8400 to schedule brake maintenance, diagnosis or repair or go online to to learn more about their commitment to every customer.

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Escondido Brake Repair