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Escondido Mechanic

Are you looking for a reliable Escondido mechanic who can work on your vehicle’s transmission? Pro Auto Care Center’s technicians are professional transmission experts, specializing in all makes of vehicle. If you’re having a hard time finding a tech you feel comfortable leaving your vehicle with, you’ll appreciate the reputation Pro Auto has throughout the Escondido region.

It’s essential that you realize, not every transmission is in need of a complete overhaul; often a repair could involve changing out a shift solenoid, a leaking gasket or a transmission computer module. If you notice some issues with your transmission, such as not wanting to engage a gear, slipping a gear, difficulties shifting or you see that your engine check light is on, it may be an indication that a small repair is necessary.

Bring your vehicle in to Pro Auto Care Center for a fast and accurate diagnosis of the problem. Transmission issues are not easy to diagnose- or fix, which is one reason why taking your vehicle to a shop with expert technicians will pay off in the long run. It takes years of experience to properly identify a problem going on with a transmission.

Only a trusted Escondido mechanic should have a look at your transmission. A tech from Pro Auto will perform a series of tests to determine whether a complete rebuild is necessary. A road test will be required, then a scan for possible computer codes. Next, they will inspect the fluid level and color, gathering all of the information needed to make a determination.

It’s essential that you bring your vehicle in to a mechanic for regular transmission maintenance as a part of your overall vehicle maintenance that is necessary to keep your vehicle running properly. It will also extend the life of your transmission greatly. Changing out the fluid and filter when your Escondido mechanic recommends that you do so will not only extend the life of your transmission, it will also save you costly repairs.

Expert service techs agree that the #1 reason for transmission overhaul is the lack of proper maintenance. If you bring your vehicle in to Pro Auto Care Center for regular transmission maintenance, you can consider it an investment that will pay off down the road. Let Pro Auto help you avoid costly repairs by changing out your transmission fluid with the right type of fluid and replacing the filter on a routine basis. Your wallet will thank you!

Whether your vehicle is in need of expert transmission work, engine repair, a tune up at your 30k, 60k or 90k mile service time, new tires, brake work or AC service or repair, you’re soon to become a believer like a lot of other locals who trust the Escondido mechanic for the service and repair of their vehicles.

Go online to to find coupons and specials on popular services and maintenance for your vehicle and save money on your next repair. If you can’t afford to pay for your vehicle repair, Pro Auto offers 0% financing for 6 months when you apply for their Synchrony Financial Card.

Escondido Mechanic