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Escondido Transmission Repair

Escondido Transmission Repair

Local Escondido residents bring their transmission repair problems to Pro Auto Care Center because of their exceptional reputation in the community. You’re assured to receive excellent customer service, an accurate diagnosis of your transmission’s problem and affordable repair, regardless of the level of service required.

Most vehicle owners dread the thought of taking their vehicle in to a repair shop when they notice something is not right with their auto’s transmission; and for good reason. Less than reputable repair shops throughout the country have given transmission shops a bad name, through price gouging and making unnecessary repairs that cost vehicle owners a lot of money.

You can rest easy when you bring your vehicle in to Pro Auto for a diagnosis. Only a repair that is needed will be recommended and will be promptly repaired by a knowledgeable and experienced technician. It may surprise you to learn that not all transmission problems require an overhaul; often enough, a simple replacement of a shift solenoid, a failing gasket or other small component or module is all that is necessary to get you safely out and back on the road again.

Be sure to bring your vehicle in to the Escondido transmission repair shop at the first sign of your transmission giving you problems, such as:

– Making noises. While manual and automatic transmissions will each make their own tell-tale sounds when they are failing, if you notice any noises that you didn’t hear a day or two ago, it’s a good indication that something is wrong- if not the transmission, another problem that should be looked at by a mechanic.

– Activity with your vehicle’s warning lights is always an indication to get your vehicle in to a technician. Your transmission’s sensor system will be able to detect very subtle problems long before they become major issues, making it essential that you have your transmission looked at immediately if  a transmission light comes on.

– Are you constantly filling up your transmission fluid reservoir? You might realize this is not normal but fail to understand how critical it is to have the problem repaired. A properly filled reservoir is crucial to the performance of your transmission. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you vehicle burns through transmission fluid like motor oil; there is only one thing that can create the need to top off your fluid- a leak.

– Are you noticing a delay in the responsiveness of your vehicle when shifting up through the gears? For the safety of you and your passengers, as well as avoiding very costly repairs down the line, bring your vehicle in to the Escondido transmission repair shop at Pro Auto Care Center and have your vehicle inspected immediately.

Save $199.95 off the cost of a transmission flush at Pro Auto by going to their website at and clicking on the Coupons link at the top of the home page. Save money at the Escondido transmission repair shop that employs ASE certified technicians, offers free customer shuttles, provides same day service on most repairs and promises no surprises when it’s time to pay the bill.

Escondido Transmission Repair