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Transmission Overhaul/Rebuild

Escondido Transmission Repair
Your transmission is no easy task to fix, it takes years of experience to identify the problem and any weak points every transmission has.

We perform a series of test before we recommend a rebuild. First we road test the vehicle if possible, we scan the vehicle for any possible computer codes, we inspect the fluid level and color, after we gather all the information we can determine if a rebuild is required.

Transmission Service

Performing transmission maintenance on your vehicle is a very important part of the routine maintenance your vehicle requires.

Changing the transmission fluid and filter will help extent the life of the transmission and save you from costly repairs. The lack of proper maintenance is the #1 reason for transmission overhaul.

We can help you avoid those costly repairs by changing the transmission fluid and replacing it with the right type of transmission fluid and replacing the filter.

Transmission Repair

Escondido Transmission Repair
Not every transmission problem requires a complete overhaul, sometimes a repair could be changing a shift solenoid, a leaking gasket, a sensor or a transmission computer module. If your vehicle doesn’t want to engage a gear, slipping gear, wont shift, check engine light is on it could need a simple transmission repair.

We offer free external diagnostic and road test.